After launching the trial version you will see the registration window.

Enter the registration key you received after purchase and click "Activate".

Note: Activation requires an Internet connection.

Your license is for one user. This message may appear if your license key has been used repeatedly to install on a large number of computers. If your license key has been leaked, contact support.

This feature is blocked in the trial version of the program. To unlock it, please purchase a license.

By default, the subscription is renewed automatically. After the recurring payment is processed, you can continue to use the program without restrictions. You can change your subscription payment to manual at any time.

If it happens only after you change the tempo or pitch, it is most often due to insufficient performance of your processor. It is easy enough to check this - save the changed song and try playing it in any player. If it sounds distortion-free, you probably need a more powerful processor.

Note: You can reduce the amount of calculations by not changing the Timbre.

To achieve a more natural sound, change the Timbre in the opposite direction from the Pitch. For example, if you change the Pitch to +1 semitone, change the Timbre to -1 semitone.

Yes, TuneLite reads and saves most standard ID3 and MP4 tags, including artwork images.

This can happen for several reasons. Most often it happens if the file is corrupted. A second possible reason could be unsupported audio parameters - sampling rate or number of channels. In this case you can use an audio converter to change the parameters. Another reason could be DRM protection, such files cannot be modified.

This can happen after updating Windows or changing system audio settings. Open the program settings and make sure the correct sound card is selected. After that, check the playback volume.

Note: If the above solutions still cannot fix your problems, please provide the detailed information to our support team via We will reply to your message within 24 hours.