Audiophile Sound Recorder

Whichever recording source you use, we put sound quality first. With our recorder, you can get bit-perfect copies of the original in lossless format in resolutions up to 24/96. Of course, all the necessary tools are included - you can use recording timers, splitter and voice activation. For noisy voice recordings, filters are available that work in real time. All your recordings are stored in a convenient database with the ability to automatically identify songs and add tags and artwork.


Windows 11/10/8/7 x86/x64


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Audiophile Sound Recorder

High Definition Audio

Record high-definition audio from any source, whether it's a streaming service or a studio microphone. The software supports lossy and lossless formats with 24-bit 96kHz resolution.

Record Streaming Audio

Perfect way for recording live streaming audio you hear from popular services like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music. Just search and stream the music you like, the program supports to record any songs, news, talk shows, etc. and save them to your hard drive.

Scheduled Recording

Recorder can create a schedule to record from a selected source at a set time and stop after the desired duration. Timed recording can take place once, daily, weekly or on any selected day.


If you've recorded a song there's no need to edit the information yourself - the software will try to recognise and download the song title, album, artist and artwork information.

DPI-Aware UI

Forget blurry fonts and fuzzy images. The recorder interface automatically adapts to high-definition displays and looks great even on 4K displays.


Many routine operations can be automated using the built-in modes of voice activation, splitting audio recordings by time or silent pauses, and removing short commercials.

User Reviews & Feedback

The program records sound from any streaming service, has a recording scheduler, downloads song information and supports lossless compression, up to 24-bit 96kHz. Exactly what I was looking for!

Donnie Boyd

Sales Manager

Immediately after the recording, the program showed only the file name of several numbers in the list, but a little later the recording appeared with the name of the composition and the name of the artist.

Jenny Mccoy

Web Developer

I was afraid that the interface would be too small on my 4K display, as was the case with other programs. To my surprise, it scales perfectly and looks just like it did on the screen of an old laptop.

Mike Ferry

UI/UX Designer