Audiophile AcouForge

Simplify your audio editing process with our lightweight and easy-to-use audio editor for Windows. No more complicated software with tons of features you'll never use. Our editor has just what you need to edit, trim and enhance your audio files with ease. Ideal for beginners or anyone looking for a fast and efficient solution, this audio editor is the perfect choice for all your audio editing needs on your Windows computer. Give it a try today and experience the simplicity of audio editing!


Windows 11/10/8/7 x64 only


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Audiophile AcouForge

Blazing fast speed

Thanks to the non-destructive editing mode, most basic operations are performed instantly. The rest of the editing functions are carefully optimized for modern processors, so the speed is limited only by the speed of your hard drive.

Individual channels

Do you want to edit only one channel in a stereo recording? Our editor allows you to select individual channels for processing or copying. If you change the duration of one of the channels, it will be aligned automatically.

Huge audio files

Not all editors can handle many hours of recording, as such files can take up gigabytes of disk space after decoding. Our editor works in 64-bit mode and easily handles files larger than 4GB without needing huge amounts of free RAM.

Audio formats

We have tried to provide as many audio formats and codecs as possible for importing audio recordings into the Editor. The most common formats available for export are MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, Opus, AIFF and WMA.

Unlimited undo & redo

Of course, no editor is complete without instant undo and redo modes. There is no limit to their number, but to save disk space you can set limits yourself in the Editor Preferences.

Easy UI

Good old MDI allows you to work simultaneously with multiple audio recordings in side-by-side mode and automatically adapts to Hi-DPI displays. Color schemes and hotkeys can be changed to your liking.