Audiophile Music Converter

We've put together the best in class audio codecs in one program to provide you with high processing speed with excellent sound quality. No matter what formats you use, the converter always tries to match the same or as close as possible to avoid unnecessary conversions. Of course, the converter is not only limited to saving audio, but also saves all metadata, including embedded images. The size of your music collection will not be a problem either - the converter allows you to process hundreds of thousands of files in one pass.


Windows 11/10/8/7 x86/x64


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Audiophile Music Converter

High Performance

Parallel audio processing algorithms allow our converter to achieve almost linear performance gains on modern multi-core processors. Add to this the optimization for SSE and AVX instruction sets, and you can see why our converter is one of the fastest in its class.

Excellent Quality

Anyone who appreciates sound quality wants no compromise in sound quality when converting formats, so our converter carefully preserves the original samples at all stages of the conversion process, as long as it is possible. When using lossy compression, the converter aims to minimize degradation in quality by fine-tuning the codecs.

Batch processing

Not every converter can boast the ability to add and process tens of thousands of files in different directories. We originally intended for you to be able to transcode your entire music library into another format in one go.


All audio codecs have a limited set of supported formats. If the formats do not match when converting, then the transcoding engine comes to the rescue, which includes a linear phase resampler, a dithering module and a matrix mixer.

Audio Tags

Metadata are an important part of any audio track. It contains information about the artist, album, song, album artwork, and more. The converter gently transfers this data between the audio files, making the necessary format conversions as needed.

Directory Structure

In most cases, an audio library has a tree structure, where each artist or album is stored in a separate subdirectory. The converter allows you to keep this structure and not worry that files with the same names will be overwritten.