Audio Transcoder
Audiophile Music Converter

After launching the trial version you will see the registration window.

Enter the registration key you received after purchase and click "Activate".

If the converter is already running, then you can enter the license key through Help->Register product...

Note: Activation requires an Internet connection.

The license agreement allows only its owner to use the software. We understand that you may have a reasonable number of devices to install and therefore block further activations only in case of gross violation of the license.

This is a limitation of the trial version. We are sure that 50% is enough to evaluate the speed and quality of our converter.

By default, the subscription is renewed automatically. After the recurring payment is processed, you can continue to use the program without restrictions. You can change your subscription payment to manual at any time.

First of all, use formats with lossless compression.

When lossy compression, try to choose a higher bitrate.

Always aim to avoid resampling.

The ideal choice in this case would be the FLAC format, which supports the maximum sample rate and uses lossless compression.

Of course, the converter tries to preserve the original tags if possible. If the original tag format is not supported in the output format, some non-standard fields may be lost.

By default, the converter is configured for maximum performance and uses all available resources on your computer. Open Settings->Performance and reduce the maximum number of conversion threads or decrease the thread priority.

Open Settings->General and activate "Search audio files in subfolders". Then click the "Add folder" button on the toolbar of the main program window and select the desired folder.

Unfortunately, direct decoding of protected audio files is illegal. The only legal way to convert such files is to play and record them with our audio recorder. This method allows you to get a bit-by-bit copy of the original file without violating any copyrights.

Contact us in any way that is convenient for you - through the feedback form, email, or social networks. We are happy to fix any bugs in our software.