Sound Recorder
Audiophile Sound Recorder

After launching the trial version you will see the registration window.

Enter the registration key you received after purchase and click "Activate".

If the recorder is already running, then you can enter the license key through Settings->Register

Note: Activation requires an Internet connection.

Your license is for one user. This message may appear if your license key has been used repeatedly to install on a large number of computers. If your license key has been leaked, contact support.

This feature is blocked in the trial version of the program. To unlock it, please purchase a license.

By default, the subscription is renewed automatically. After the recurring payment is processed, you can continue to use the program without restrictions. You can change your subscription payment to manual at any time.

First of all, increase the recording level with the slider on the main program window.

In addition, the recording level is affected by the current volume in the Windows settings.

If you are recording audio from a website or other application, turn up the volume on that source.

The ideal choice in this case would be the FLAC format, which supports the maximum sample rate and uses lossless compression.

The program uses a music recognition service to automatically download their network metadata. Successful recognition requires at least 2 minutes of audio.

There are no restrictions, the program works on the principle "what I hear is what I get"

You most likely have an alternative playback device selected. You can change it via Settings->Mixer

No, the scheduler only works if the computer is on and the recorder is running.

Note: If the above solutions still cannot fix your problems, please provide the detailed information to our support team via We will reply to your message within 24 hours.